Schneider Project I

  Sunrise (F.W. Murnau, 1927) Ah, who doesn't love an allegorical film about the human struggle between good and evil?¬†Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans ranks "first" in many things. For one, it's the first American movie the director, German F.W. Murnau, had directed. It was the first and only film to be awarded 'Best... Continue Reading →

Schneider I

  The Phantom of the Opera (Lon Chaney, 1925) Adapted from the French novel by Gaston Leroux ("Le Fantome de l'Opera, 1910), this silent horror film is about a young opera singer, Christine, who's seduced by a mysterious masked composer, known only as the Phantom. I remember sleeping through Joel Schumacher's 2004 version, so I... Continue Reading →

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