"Fifty Shades Freed"- Movie Review When I started this blog, I told myself I'd only be reviewing films that I was actually eager to see. As a broke and busy college student at the time, I wanted to spend my time and money wisely. I stayed far away from the notoriously trashy movies. No matter how... Continue Reading →

"Peter Rabbit"- Movie Review Peter Rabbit (not to be confused with the strikingly similar Peter Cottontail) was born from the creative mind of artist and nature conservationist Beatrix Potter. Ever since his literary debut in 1902 with The Tales of Peter Rabbit, the beloved character's many adventures with his animal friends lived on for generations through... Continue Reading →

"The Cloverfield Paradox"- Movie Review The Cloverfield series has had an interesting run so far hasn't it? It all started with a small yet cleverly crafted mash-mash of the found-footage and classic monster movie genres then followed it up with a psychological thriller with a touch of classic sci-fi flavor. Do the two have any sort... Continue Reading →

"Winchester"- Movie Review The Winchester Mystery House is one of the most famous haunted houses in the United States. Built from 1883 to 1922, the mansion was home to Sarah Winchester, the widow of gun magnate William Winchester. Sarah believed she was being haunted by the spirits of those who were killed by the very... Continue Reading →

Indie Night Special   The Shape of Water  Hawkins stars as Elisa, a mute woman in 1960s Baltimore who works as a janitor for a top-secret government laboratory. Her life is forever changed when an amphibian creature Doug Jones) is brought to the lab to be studied. Elisa shows him kindness, and what starts out... Continue Reading →

Random Ramblings- What's Next? I had my entire future planned out when I was a kid. I expected to stay in my small hometown forever, living in a small comfy house just a few blocks away from my grandparents and surrounded by people whose faces had become as familiar to me as the back of... Continue Reading →

Indie Night Special I always try to see as many movies as I can and review as many as I can. The problem is there are a ton of films that come out each year, and I either don't have the time or the particular films I do want to see never make it to... Continue Reading →

"Ready Player One"- Book Review It seems like everyone's trying to go back to the 80s, doesn't it? Not only do I hear people bragging about how fun and awesome that time was as if it was the most wonderful decade of all human history. And as someone who lived a blissfully ignorant childhood in... Continue Reading →

"Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle"- Movie Review   Here's a fun fact- when I was a little kid, I was ninety-nine percent positive that the 1995 Robin Williams movie, Jumanji, was a horror movie. I remember being so terrified that I hid behind the couch whenever it was on TV and being afraid to walk around... Continue Reading →

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