Random Ramblings: I Since we're inching towards the start of a new year, I feel it's best that I make a confession- well, something that's less of a New Year's resolution and more of a New Year's self-reflection. Despite the positive and go-lucky front that I've built up, I have to admit that these past... Continue Reading →

  It's Winter Break for Goodness Sake! Getting through a fall semester of college is like trudging through a deep lake of molasses. It's a mentally and emotionally exhausting process to get through. I'm not entirely sure why this is- I've asked other people who feel the same way, but even they don't have an answer-... Continue Reading →

  Why I Write When I was six years old, I wanted to be a vet. I absolutely loved animals, and I often buried my nose in zoology magazines in order to learn more about them. I was saddened and disturbed at the notion of people hurting and abandoning them. So when I was a child... Continue Reading →

  Top 5 Must Do's When Traveling Everyone loves to have an adventure once in a while. I mean, who wouldn't? It's refreshing. It's a chance for you to get out there, and to experience different cultures both within the United States and on an international level. Though the key to a any full-filling trip is to... Continue Reading →

  People often get confused whenever I tell them that I'm introverted. But to be fair, I don't blame them. Concepts of introversion and extroversion are foreign to the general public, and I didn't realize what they meant until a few months ago. When I tell people about my being introverted, they interpret what I... Continue Reading →

How I Spent My Halloween 2015 Is it just me, or has this month flown by incredibly fast? I swear it seems like just yesterday I was getting excited to put up Halloween decorations; then I turned around and BOOM!, it's officially Halloween! I guess time goes by faster when you're bombarded with homework, responsibilities... Continue Reading →

    How to Make the Best Out of Being Single Now before I begin, I just want to say that I am by no means a relationship guru. Nor am I an expert at knowing how to properly recoup after bad breakup. But the one thing I do know is that while it's great to... Continue Reading →

Who knew one little blue button could have such a huge impact on how we see ourselves. Social media is a prominent force of nature in today's culture, and several people lose themselves to the digital world. I joined Facebook when I was sixteen; at the time every person I knew had a Facebook profile, and... Continue Reading →

It’s strange how life works. When you’re a child, you dream about growing up; but once you reach adulthood, you wish you were a kid again. When we were younger, my friends and I were asked the same old question over and over again: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” A... Continue Reading →

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