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Category: Random Ramblings

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Quarantine Diaries Vol. III Sex, Ghosts & Videotapes Something tells me I shouldn’t go into the mansion. It is beautiful, no doubt, standing a proud three stories high and stretching […]

Multicolored popsicles scattered on top of each other
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Quarantine Diaries Vol II: I Dream of Popsicle Sticks Me and my boyfriend, Matt, attend a party on a university campus. It was an awesome party, buzzing with music, laughter […]

flaying car, children in the aura of a madman, and pigs surrounded by other animals
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Quarantine Diaries Vol. I:  Flying Cars, Talking Pigs and Unfortunate Events Heeellllllooo…..! Can anybody hear me? Can anybody see me? Does anybody out there have one ounce of sanity left […]

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  It’s Winter Break for Goodness Sake! Getting through a fall semester of college is like trudging through a deep lake of molasses. It’s a mentally and emotionally exhausting process […]

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  People often get confused whenever I tell them that I’m introverted. But to be fair, I don’t blame them. Concepts of introversion and extroversion are foreign to the general […]