“A Quiet Place Part II”- Movie Review

It’s good to be back! No, I’m not dead. And no, I didn’t give up the blog to pursue some life-long dream. I have a good excuse for being gone, honest to god- one week of last-minute prepping for a trip down to Myrtle Beach, followed by a week actually spent in Myrtle Beach, followed by a week of post-vacation detox, then ending with a week of playing catch-up. So yeah, I’ve been keeping busy. But now I’m back, I’m tanner (mostly burned), and I’m ready to talk movies.

What better movie to get back into the swing of things with than a horror sequel? A Quiet Place Part II is what’s on the ticket tonight, a direct follow up to its hit 2018 predecessor. The film begins exactly where part one left off. With their home now destroyed, the Abbott family- portrayed by Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmons, and Noah Jupe, respectively- has no choice but to venture past their sound-proofed safe haven and find a new home somewhere in the outside world. Eventually they discover an abandoned factory where an old family friend named Emmett (Cillian Murphy) has taken shelter. Once again the Abbotts must map out a plan for survival. With the threat of danger lurking around every corner, they have no time to lose.

As much as I enjoyed A Quiet Place, I don’t consider it a horror movie. I see it as a thriller, an expertly-made, tension-filled science fiction thriller. It delivered great suspense and many thrills, but nothing about it scared me really. Regardless of its effect, I cannot deny the expert craftsmanship on display. It left me interested in what else John Krasinski could bring to the table as a director. Makes sense that his next venture would be a sequel to the film that propelled him to filmmaking stardom.

a mother puts hand over screaming son's mouth
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures via Facebook

As horror sequels go, this one is by far, at least in recent memory, one of the better ones in existence. A Quiet Place Part II is as perfect a follow-up storywise as you could imagine. In fact, I dare say it’s a step above the first film. You really could watch parts one and two back-to-back and it would flow pretty seamlessly. The filmmaking is no less great. Krasinski once again proves that he has an eye for detail and a knack for visual storytelling. There’s not a scene that feels out of place nor a moment that feels too long or too short. Everything has a purpose- the pacing, the sound design, the editing, the building up tension. They, coupled with the acting, enrich the plot and help the film achieve a more lasting effect.

The same goes with the acting. The talent in front of the camera is just as strong as the talent behind it. Every member of the cast does an excellent job. Emily Blunt is great as always. Millicent Simmons and Noah Jupe, in my opinion, are the true stand-outs. Their characters have a bit more to do here than in the first one, and the actors put their all into their expanded roles. They’re two great performances adding to the plethora of great performances in the film. There is no weak leak among them. The same can be said for the picture as a whole. However, if I did have to pinpoint one teeny tiny flaw, I’d say that the ending is very abrupt. It doesn’t feel like a formal conclusion, but rather a halt. Not a screeching halt. More of a methodical-slowing-down-until-you-get-to-the-light-the- press-hard-on-the-brakes kind of halt. It would’ve been nice to have seen a little more of where the character wound up. It’s a noticeable flaw, but nothing so egregious as to tank the experience.

What else is there to say about A Quiet Place Part II other than it’s a good film that deserves to be viewed on the big screen. If there’s a theater open near you, and if you feel safe sitting in a large dark room with socially-distanced strangers, go check it out. Even better, make it a double feature. Go watch part one, then immediately after check out part two. Whether you’re a horror fan, a thrill seeker, or a general movie lover, A Quiet Place Part II has plenty to offer.

Cosmic Grade- 3.8/5 Stars

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