NEW! Suicide Squad Trailer + Wonder Woman Footage!

And to think I was just about to go to bed and miss the fun stuff. Before I laid me down to sleep to get some must-needed shut eye, two big bombshells dropped in the world of movie news. Not only do we now have a brand new trailer for Suicide Squad, but the CW channel also aired some footage from the upcoming stand alone Wonder Woman film. And before I hit the hay, I want to share a few immediate thoughts about each. So without further ado, let’s take a look a Suicide Squad:

  • The use of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” was a great choice. It added more of a devious, yet fun personality to the film. I’m crossing my fingers that the movie is as fun as this trailer makes it out to be.
  • Keep in mind that I don’t read comic books, so I’m clueless when it comes to these characters (or at least a few). From the trailer, I take it that Rick Flagg is actually a good guy who only leads the bad guys? Does he not start out as villain like the others?
  • I love how we get more tidbits about each character. Each seem to have their quirks.
  • The special effects on Croc and Enchantress look really good! And the film doesn’t look too small scale! It looks exciting!
  • Will Smith looks like he’ll be great as always, Jai Courtney looks decent, and the rest of the cast seems to be bringing their A-game.
  • I’m most excited for Harley Quinn and Joker, and I’m eager to see how their relationship will be portrayed onscreen. Margot Robbie definitely looks the part, and it seems that she’ll be bringing enough cheekiness, insanity, and childishness to her character and becoming an awesome Harley Quinn! On a side note, I wonder if she’ll return to her famous black and red colors in the Batman stand alone movie.
  • While I do think Jared Leto will be a really good Joker, there’s something about his laugh that seems artificial. I don’t know, it’s just that sometimes during the trailer he comes off not as the Joker himself, but as a guy who’s trying to be the Joker. Again, I’m not too sure. I’ll save my judgment for when the film is released. I wonder if he’ll have as much of a presence as Heath Ledger’s Joker.
  • Is that Scott Eastwood???
  • Enchantress looks like an interesting character. I’m eager to see how magic and the paranormal fit into this DC Universe.
  • That’s all for Suicide Squad. Let’s move on to Wonder Woman!
  • I’ll admit, at first I wasn’t sure if I could see Gal Gadot play Wonder Woman. But after I thought about it further, I can’t really see anyone playing her. Maybe the reason is because she is such an important and iconic character that it’s difficult to picture an actress who could portray her perfectly. It’s a character that needs to be portrayed well. But I refuse to assume Gadot will or won’t do it justice. It’s not entirely up to her. It’s also determined by how well she is written.
  • “She stands for equality, and that’s what’s important.” Yes, yes, and yes! This is why we need this Wonder Woman film. With the arrival of badass female heroes such as Black Widow, Penny Carter, and Captain Marvel, it’s exciting to know that we will also be seeing another strong female heroine on the big screen!
  • It’ll be interesting to know her origins. Me and my friends don’t know anything about where she came from or what obstacles she had to overcome. Many of us only know that she exists.
  • I’ve read in the news that her stand alone film takes place during WWI, but with the scene of them on horseback, it looks like it’ll be taking place in an earlier time period. Perhaps? I don’t know, I’m just having fun speculating.
  • Chris Pine’s character is supposedly a love interest for Wonder Woman, so I wonder how strongly the romantic aspect of the film will be emphasized when exploring her character.


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