Top 5 Must Do’s When Traveling

Everyone loves to have an adventure once in a while. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s refreshing. It’s a chance for you to get out there, and to experience different cultures both within the United States and on an international level. Though the key to a any full-filling trip is to savor the moment. I’ve recently returned from a weekend vacation in New Orleans, and I’ve learned that there are a few ways to enrich you traveling experience.

  1. Enjoy the Scenery

Whether you’re hiking up the Rocky Mountains or strolling through New York City, be sure to stop and take a look around. Take a breather and have a moment of silence. You’re immersed in a world that’s new to you, a place you’d only seen in pictures and movies. Now you’ve made in there, in person. Enjoy that experience. Whether you’re gazing at a beautiful landscape or the towers of a big city, it’s good to reflect and contemplate how far you’ve come.

2. Try Local Cuisine

What are some of your favorite places to eat? Apple Bees? McDonalds? TGI Fridays? Outback Steakhouse? I ask because when you reach your final destination, it’s best that you leave these places behind and try something new. While I was in New Orleans, I got to try some Louisiana-made French beignets and jumbalaya (they were delicious!). Treat yourself to some homemade food. If you’re going down south, try some home-made deep-fried cuisine. Or if you’re overseas, try the cuisine that’s special to that country (French, German, Indian, etc). I suggest trying out family-owned restaurants and those that are well renowned and have been in business for more than a few decades. It’s the best way to get a little taste of different cultures.

3. Learn the History

I’m not a party animal, so I have no interest in traveling to places just to get wild (ie, going to a city for an outrageous Spring Break romp). Everything has a story. Every person and every place has a history. Go to a museum, or have a tour guide lead you around the area. To make things more interesting, I suggest either going on a ghost tour or, if you’re a huge dork like me, visit a local library.

4. Get Engaged

No, no, I don’t mean you should propose to your partner while your traveling. But if you do, then congrats! What I mean is that it’s good to engage in friendly conversation with locals. Chat with people in your tour group,  get a sense of how this part of the world functions. Locals can also have great advise on the best places to go and which areas to stay clear of. Be weary, of course, since you’re still in a foreign place and they are strangers. If there’s a special event taking place, then there’s no harm in taking part and joining in on the festivities!

5. Explore!

Take advantage of this opportunity. Immerse yourself in the environment. There’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t go on a mini-adventure, as long as you’re safely doing it. Step into the local shops, take a tour through a historic building, and just enjoy the experience. Some people have enough time and money to travel wherever they want and whenever they want. If you’re like me, then being able to travel is rare. So that’s why it’s important that, wherever you go, that you have an experience that you will never forget.

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