How I Spent My Halloween 2015

Is it just me, or has this month flown by incredibly fast? I swear it seems like just yesterday I was getting excited to put up Halloween decorations; then I turned around and BOOM!, it’s officially Halloween! I guess time goes by faster when you’re bombarded with homework, responsibilities at work, and spending weekends cleaning your house. Adult life keeps you busy, and unfortunately you don’t have the time to savor the holiday like you used to.

But for the first time in I’m not sure how long, I had the time to actually do something this Halloween. I made plans with a best friend of mine at the start of October. He’d heard about a string of concerts being held after a Halloween parade in OKC and asked if I wanted to go. I of course said yes, especially since my original plan was to sit on my couch, binge on oreos, and watch scary movies. I wanted something different. I needed to have an experience with a friend. Spending a night in the city sounded like a good time.

My friend ordered a pink power ranger suit from Amazon, and thankfully it fit him like a glove. I also kept my costume simple, mostly because I couldn’t afford anything more extravagant. I went shopping during the last week of October at the Halloween Store, and stood shoulder to shoulder with teenage girls scouting for the most figure-friendly costumes. I went retro and decided on a Pink Lady facade from the movie Grease, complete with a long-sleeved, silk pink jacket and a black lace scarf ($29.23). It also came with leggings, but they were a little too snug for my taste. So I instead went with a cotton pair that I already owned. Kudos to my mother for letting me wear her 50’s style shoes!

12193522_1031948250171272_4724423955885503199_n (1)

I got off work at nine o’clock on Halloween night, changed clothes, and drove straight to Oklahoma City. I was running late so I was high-tailing it and going 75-80 mph on the highway (which probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do). It was ten o’clock by the time I picked up my friend, Brandon, and headed downtown. We spent the next hour driving around the city, trying to find this specific area where the after parties were being held. After driving in circles, we eventually found what we were looking for- or at least, what was left of it.

The outdoor festivities that Brandon and I had been so eager to join had ended. The parties had moved into several bars, but while I am of age, Brandon is not. And there was no way I’d leave my friend behind. Therefore the only place we could celebrate the remaining sixty minutes of our Halloween was at the Wreck Room, a club that welcomes people who are 16 or over.

In all honesty, being in the Wreck Room was a fun experience! The place was dark but brought to life with neon lights and a relaxing atmosphere. Brandon and I stood behind a bar-like area and watched an interesting show. This was the first time I’d ever seen a drag show. A variety of men dressed head to toe in glamorous, exaggerated outfits came out and performed for a small audience. The most interesting thing is that the audience consisted of different kinds of people: some were gay, some were bisexual, and some were even straight. A place like this wasn’t exclusively for one demographic, it was a melting pot of folks who were just looking for a fun time. My friend and I were a few of those people. Although we were only at the Wreck Room for an hour, it was an experience that made our night.

We’d rather have a strange yet fun experience than nothing at all.

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