When I was a kid I always wanted to stay up late. Some nights I’d sleep on the couch in the living room just so I could watch the morning sun rise. It sounds incredibly corny, I know, but as a little girl who was curious about the world around her, I thought it was one of the coolest things ever. I loved the transition from night to day- how the pitch black sky slowly brightened to a deep sapphire blue as the sun slowly crept up from the east. It was during those mornings that made me feel like I have everything to myself. I was wide awake while the rest of the world was asleep.

Ever since then I’ve always had the urge to stay awake as everyone and everything around me grew quiet. I grew up in a small town, closer to the countryside. So whenever the stars came out, I could see them so much more clearly. That’s when I fell in love with the universe. As a child I imagined what all existed beyond our reach, and I wondered whether or not in future we would able to further explore the cosmos. I often imagined I was an astronaut, venturing the distant landscapes of other worlds and escaping my seemingly dull reality. I dreamt about what the sunrise would look like from outer space, and about the ways stars were born and how they died. What can I say? I was, and still am most times, a regular night owl.

I named this blog the Cosmic Night Owl because I believe it’s an accurate representation of myself. I adore fantasy and mythology and the unexplained. Like I mentioned before, I like having the feeling that, for a moment, I’m the only person on the planet. After long and and sometimes grueling days at work and school, it’ll be nice to kick back and gather my thoughts.

I am a person who is constantly changing. My mother reminded me recently that I am not the same person I was when I was a teen, and I will not the be same person I am not in ten years time. These past several months have been difficult. Not due to any material struggles, but because I’ve struggled to identify and express myself. But again, all of that is changing. And I’m willing to face such big changes.

I think this blog will help me out in the long run. Not only does it serve as another creative outlet, but I think that it will be good to vent and step out of my comfort zone. Besides writing, my other passions include films, reading, dancing, and sleeping. What I do know for sure is that I hope to become a novelist and film critic in the future. But in order to achieve these goals, I realize that I do have to look past my insecurities. And to do this successfully, I know that I will have to boost my confidence and believe in myself more often.


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